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The Edesia Kitchen and Bar Stool Outdoor collection is inspired by the Roman goddess of the same name, renowned for feasting and grand banquets. These pieces evoke the elegance and grandeur associated with their namesake through the seamless combination of smooth metal curves and luxurious upholstery.


Textured Metal, Upholstrey

Available finishes for the base include:

  • Cream White (RAL 9001 OR.002)
  • Grey White (RAL 9002 OR.003)
  • Signal White (RAL 9003 OR.004)
  • Pearl White (RAL 1013 OR.005)
  • Bronze Powder Coated (MT.016)​


Kitchen Stool: Height 38 1/2", Width 21 1/4", Depth 21 1/4", Seat Height 25 1/2", Seat Depth 17 1/2"

Bar Stool: Height 43 1/2", Width 21 1/4", Depth 21 1/4", Seat Height 30 3/4", Seat Depth 17 1/2"

Custom sizes are available upon request


The Edesia range offers customization to meet individual size and finish preferences, ensuring a personalized touch for each client's space. While the brand prides itself on exquisite craftsmanship, the natural variation in material textures contributes to each piece's distinctiveness, embracing the unique color and grain patterns as a celebrated feature of the design.


Adhering to exceptional standards, the finishes are meticulously hand-applied, creating slight unique variations that signify handcrafted authenticity. The Edesia range represents not only the pinnacle of design excellence but also the artistry of bespoke creation.


Customers have the option to personalize their upholstered items further by selecting their own fabric, including a choice of plain fabric, specialty patterns, velvet, or other materials subject to consultation.