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Inspired by Edesia, the Roman goddess known for her association with dining and lavish feasts, this piece captures the essence of celebratory grandeur. The design features smooth, flowing curves of metal cradling a generously upholstered seat, creating an aura of classical elegance with contemporary finesse.


Textured Metal, Upholstrey

Available finishes for the base include:

  • Cream White (RAL 9001 OR.002)
  • Grey White (RAL 9002 OR.003)
  • Signal White (RAL 9003 OR.004)
  • Pearl White (RAL 1013 OR.005)
  • Bronze Powder Coated (MT.016)


Height: 32 1/4", Width: 23 1/2", Depth: 21 1/4", Seat Height: 19 3/4", Seat Depth: 17 1/2"

Tailor-made dimensions are available upon request to ensure a perfect fit for any space.


Clients have the opportunity to customize the Edesia to their specific needs, with a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from. The natural materials used in each piece mean that slight variations in color and texture are not only expected but embraced, adding to the unique character of each item.


FBC London is dedicated to providing the highest quality finishes, which are all handcrafted. While there may be some natural variation, the FBC London team works closely with clients to highlight these individual characteristics as a feature of the product’s authentic charm.


Customers have the flexibility to personalize their Edesia with their own choice of fabric. Whether it’s a simple COM plain fabric or a more elaborate specialty fabric, patterns, or velvet, each selection contributes to the piece's distinctiveness and personal relevance to the client's interior space.