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The Column range draws its inspiration from the timeless columns of Roman and Greek temples, paired with the industrial might of large scale rivets. This fusion brings forward a collection that echoes the grandeur of ancient architectures while integrating the geometric precision of industrial elements.

Textured Metal, Stone

For the top:

  • Nilium (D.001)
  • Rem Natural (D.002)
  • Bergen Stonika (D.003)

For the base:

  • Cream White (RAL 9001 OR.002)
  • Grey White (RAL 9002 OR.003)
  • Signal White (RAL 9003 OR.004)
  • Pearl White (RAL 1013 OR.005)
  • Bronze Powder Coated (MT.016)

Size 1: Height: 30", Width: 118", Depth: 39 1/4"
Size 2: Custom sizes available upon request.

Clients can request bespoke sizes and finishes to suit their space and style preferences. As with all FBC London pieces, while the finest craftsmanship is a given, the natural materials used mean that each piece will possess its own unique set of characteristics, such as variations in color and grain. Our commitment is to work intimately with our clients to ensure that these individual features are not just acknowledged, but celebrated as part of the design's inherent charm.

Adhering to the highest standards of quality, the finishes are handcrafted, which may result in slight variations that are a signature of handmade products. The Column range, therefore, not only stands as a testament to high-end design but also to the beauty of crafted individuality.