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The Fortis Dining Table Outdoor collection captures the essence of structural strength, as its name—derived from the Latin word for "strong"—suggests. The collection features a bold geometric base reminiscent of architectural pillars, supporting a delicate yet durable tabletop. The combination of metal and faux stone speaks to a fusion of industrial design and natural aesthetics.


The Fortis collection likely uses a blend of robust materials, including metals for the geometric bases and high-quality faux stone for the Dekton tops, creating a durable and weather-resistant table suited for outdoor use.

For the top:

  • Nilium (D.001)
  • Rem Natural (D.002)
  • Bergen Stonika (D.003)

For the base:

  • Cream White (RAL 9001 OR.002)
  • Grey White (RAL 9002 OR.003)
  • Signal White (RAL 9003 OR.004)
  • Pearl White (RAL 1013 OR.005)
  • Bronze Powder Coated (MT.016)


Round: Height 29.9", Width 59.1", Depth 47.2"

Oval: Height 29.9", Width 82.7", Depth 47.2"

Squoval: Height 29.9", Width 118.1", Depth 47.2"

These varied shapes and sizes offer versatility for different outdoor dining settings and preferences.


Customization options are available for the Fortis Dining Table, allowing for bespoke sizes and finishes to perfectly match the client’s outdoor space and design theme.


FBC London is committed to excellence, with each finish hand-applied, ensuring quality and uniqueness. While natural variations in color and grain patterns occur, these are seen as desirable characteristics, and FBC London aims to work closely with clients to accentuate these features in each custom piece.

The table's robust design not only provides a functional dining space but also adds a statement piece to any outdoor setting, blending the beauty of man-made craftsmanship with natural forms.